Changing Ways
With Estroven Weight Management

Did you know menopause causes weight changes? It’s a different kind of weight, so you need to take a different approach!

Estroven Weight Management is here to help. It’s a safe solution that helps relieve menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats, plus helps manage your weight.*

Try it with this $5 coupon. Also get guidance from our experts and real women, like Lori, who have successfully tried (and loved) Estroven Weight Management. Start Changing Your Ways Today!

Start Changing Your Ways Today!

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Getting in the Way

I'm uncomfortable with the way I look, but I realize I need to redefine the way I think about myself.


My Results with Estroven

Estroven Weight Management enables me to effectively manage my weight and I can live a happy, healthy life!


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Estroven Weight Management

with clinically-proven Synetrim® CQ

Introducing a new formulation of safe and effective, multi-symptom menopause relief from Estroven, the #1 dietary supplement brand women trust to safely relieve their most bothersome menopause symptoms.* Only new Estroven Weight Management with Synetrim® CQ, goes beyond relieving hot flashes and night sweats to help you safely manage your weight.†*

"I want to put my weight and night sweats in check" -Lori Pace